Procurement for the better

We radically simplify the sourcing of products and help organization meet environmental and sustainability goals.

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Procurement Software

Since 2008, Centralsense has developed to simplify the procurement of contract products, acessories and artwork for hospitality. Our newest software provides features to easily find and report the of purchase of products that meet environmental, sustainability and supply chain diversity goals.

Modern PO software helps buyers manage purchase order, quotes and accounting.

Our newest Modern Catalogs software helps sellers manage catalogs, price quote and find new buyers.

Data Services

Our in-house development team can help expand your company capabilities by integrating your information technology.

  • Produce reports and transfer data for general ledger, corporate ESG, diversity and sustainable procurement policies.
  • Integrate your marketing CRM to automatically send catalogs and synchronize user engagement.
  • Send payments to vendors via check, ACH or electronic payment.
  • Integrate contacts, invoices and payments with accounting software.

Payment Financing

We can provide buyers with tools to pay vendors, and payment gateways for vendors to provide a B2C experience for B2B.

Working with, we can provide net terms to buyers without contracts or costs to sellers or buyer agents.

Options for immediate payment ensure smaller supplier can fund their production.

Centralsense provides solutions for buyers and suppliers of FF&E, art and design.

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