Automatically request and update expediting information
Reduce time spent on the redundant task of manually updating shipping and tracking data.
Use automated messaging to save time spent on sending emails
Schedule shipping update requests in advance
The system will automatically send an email requesting an update on the selected date
Straightforward editing access
Secure links are automatically generated to allow recipients to amend information
Enables supplier, freight forwarders and other contacts to directly update expediting information
Eliminate duplicate data entry
Automated messages and alerts
Receive immediate notifications when suppliers update information
Stay up to date on project activity
More about Automated Expediting

How does automated expediting messaging work?

You select a date you want the system to request a shipping update and it handles the rest.

Do contacts require an account to provide data?

No user account is required. A link with a key specific to their email for authentication is sent within the email message.

What special software do my shipping contact required?

Only an email account.

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