Automatically track PO approvals and acceptance
Request supplier approvals and acceptances. Receive an immediate automated notification on the supplier’s response
Approvals organized by groups
Easily set up even complex levels of approvals
Straightforward set up of successive approvals
Client approvals
Request approvals from clients and staff
Recipients review and approve requests online
One click and a confirmation is automatically sent
PO Acceptance
Automatically send purchase orders to the suppliers
Receive immediate notifications when POs are accepted by the supplier
Send and track messages
More about Tracking Purchase Orders

How do automated approval requests work?

After inviting users to join a project, you add them as approvers on a PO. The system then sends an email to them with a link to view and approve the PO in one click.

How do you set up approval groups?

On the PO, just choose the group next to the approver and the system will handle the rest.

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